Are you important?

Are you important

I have always believed that perspective plays a big role in life. From professional to personal life, it’s just a matter of how you perceive things. But there’s a way that can let you see the bigger picture. But first, ask yourself, are you important?

To see a bigger picture, you must untie the chain of your mind and let it rise above your own needs and greed. Honestly, that’s not as difficult as it may seem. Do something selflessly, expecting nothing in return and if you could be grateful to be given the opportunity to do it, that would be a bonus.

Once you are out of your bubble, fly! Fly as high as you can. Not in the physical sense of being, use your mind.
The idea is to see that there are other beings on this earth or universe (if you flew too high) whose lives are as important as yours. You obviously can argue on that, but why waste your energy. If you could just see that their suffering is just as real as yours. You’ll develop a sense of empathy towards the world and a lighter heart. Wouldn’t that be beautiful?

Now, ask yourself again how important are you?

Introspect and you shall know.

Honestly, in the grand scheme of things, we are way less important than we think. So why not take off the load from our minds and take ourselves a little less seriously and live a life full of joy and peace.

Up for it?

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Photo by Dmitriy Ganin from Pexels

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