Finding meaning when there’s none

Finding meaning

I have a controversial approach to finding meaning in life.

I believe that life has no meaning.

There, I said it.

Now, don’t get me wrong; I am not nihilistic. In fact, I have strong faith in religion and spirituality.
What I mean to say is that like how a box wouldn’t fill itself, similarly life in itself is meaningless, if not given any meaning.

So how do you go about giving meaning to something that seems so absurd at times.

Honestly, finding meaning is a very human thing. Have you ever seen two parrots sitting on a tree wondering about the meaning of their existence?  For them, it is sleeping, eating, mating, and dying.

Doesn’t sound too meaningful, right?

Ideally, a selfless purpose with no expectations of any kind should drive a meaningful life. It may actually seem difficult to do because it is damn difficult to do. Mostly when there’s a conscious effort towards a selfless act, there’s always some sort of expectation either from the person or from the universe (yes, we hold the entire universe accountable sometimes for our needs. Aren’t we funny? And we still take ourselves so seriously).

Selfless purpose with a compassionate heart gives life meaning in my understanding. In fact, the parrots too live a meaningful existence by contributing to mother nature selflessly.

So how do you give meaning to life when you just want to sleep, eat, mate, and die. Be like the parrots, my friend. Contribute selflessly and have fun. And yes, don’t forget to fly!

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Photo by Alex Azabache from Pexels

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