How many elephants can you fit in a room?


In stories, when the character’s desire isn’t fulfilled (which is always), he faces conflicts and dilemmas. He questions the cruel world around him and firmly believes that he/she has all the right to have his desires fulfilled. I find this view as bizarre as trying to fit elephants in a room.

Honestly, nothing wrong with this view, it’s just that if every person on this earth acts like this (and most of us do), this place would never come in the ‘happiest place in the universe’ list (I doubt if there’s a ranking-based system for this, but would love to see it). So let me address the elephants and let’s see how many of them can we fit in a room.

The problem is not with the character or his desires. It is in these two words ‘only if’. Only if you would subscribe to my blog, watch my films and appreciate all the work that I put behind everything. Oh, is it too much to ask?

That’s how we all sound when we expect from others and ourselves.
Don’t you find this entire act of putting up as per others’ expectations and also expecting a lot in return tiring?

So how do you let go?

Reduce your expectations from others, because, in doing so, you would realize that others too have reduced their expectations from you. Let me put it this way (in case you are bad in physics), your expectations are directly proportional to others’.

To keep it short, live and let live. Also, please don’t try to fit elephants in a room.

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