Let’s take it from the top!

Let's Take it from the top

Growing up as kids, we had dreams that were literally out of the world, if not the universe. And to top up with that, we had the imagination that could make even the wildest dream come alive. Sayings like ‘impossible says I am possible’ made you wonder, can life really be that easy?

Fast forward 20 years down the line, you are probably sitting in your cubicle trying to pile up the cash you need for your family, personal debt, and other leisure activities which you promised to fulfil for your loved ones. Agreeing with every word of your boss while disagreeing with your own consciousness, you have landed at a spot where you don’t prefer to be.

It’s not a terrible place to be. But it is what it is!

And If you really see, it is just a matter of perspective!

My life isn’t as same, but I have gone through these emotions more than I would like to.

The Outcome:

1- Over time, I’ve grown a bit of thick skin that lets me weather the good and the bad.

2- Whenever I hit with a similar emotion, I would normally take it from the top. In short, I try to change my perspective on the matter at hand.

You may ask how?

It’s kind of cliche but I ask myself what’s the good that has come out of it?

Mind is good at answering, so I get what I ask for. This immediately shifts my perspective and I find myself emotionally lighter.

It’s one of my favourite everyday hacks!
So whenever you go down the same spiral, I would suggest – take it from the top!

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