Reality or perceived reality, what do you choose?


As a character progresses through his story, he learns from his journey. These lessons depict how the character has perceived reality.

As individuals, we perceive reality through our senses. But that’s not the only information our mind processes from our lessons, it also looks into our mix bag of experiences. If you have ever traded or invested, you would realize that past results don’t promise future returns for any asset.

Similarly, our experiences are biased and don’t always offer the right angle to make the best of decisions on our perceived reality.

There’s another important thing in play other than our experiences, it is our emotions. And If greed and fear are the most dominant emotions in your decision-making process (which mostly is) then allow yourself to make mistakes. Because it is only human to be driven by them.

So, how do we differentiate between reality and perceived reality?

As humans, it is technically impossible. Because our senses and mind work simultaneously without our consent.
Best, we can try to reduce the bias from our perception.  The only way is to look at the world beyond your own needs and satisfaction.

Once you look past your own needs, some of your inner conflicts may dissolve, leaving you emotionally lighter. This also keeps greed and fear at bay.

In fact, our perception of a friend, enemy, or stranger may be different based on their behavior to us in the past. But as we look beyond our biases, they all may appear as they are with no labels.
So what do you choose? Red pill or the blue pill?

Read Call to Adventure, maybe to know about the character’s journey in reel vs real life.

Photo by olia danilevich from Pexels

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