Why do we hate conflicts?

why do we hate conflicts

Be it an ad, short or feature film conflict is the core of any form of storytelling. Without conflict, there wouldn’t be any story to tell. So why do we hate conflicts in our personal lives?

At any point in time in life, there would be at least one difficult situation, person, or event that you wished never happened. And without them, you imagine your life to be a smooth sailing boat. But honestly, situations like these are those that drive us out of our comfort zone and into Act 2 of our story.

Conflicts are important, not just because they help us grow, but also because they make us complete our character’s arc. Also, no hero becomes a hero if there is no journey to complete. As much as we hate stepping out of our comfort zone, we must embark on the journey because there may not be any other way out. It may sound like a journey to the unknown, but as long as you know where you need to go, you might just land up nearby.

And in the end, the satisfaction you get after resolving your conflict would be much greater than the pain you would have endured. You’ll also gain something far more significant. You’ll have your own original story to tell. It may not be for your kids, but probably for your friends and colleagues.

You’ll come out as the hero you always wanted to be. So embrace conflict and be the hero of your own story!

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