You are doing much better than you think

you are better

In the world of social media, we compare ourselves with others every day. The comparison doesn’t just stop at others’ resources, wealth, and looks, but also at how happy they look compared to you. This brings out the FOMO (fear of missing out) in you and makes you feel you aren’t doing well enough in life. Honestly, cut yourself some slack; you are doing much better than you think.

The problem lies in looking at others’ journeys than your own. We all are walking our own path, writing our own narratives, and finding our own truth. So if we try to walk in other shoes, they may not always fit, let alone be comfortable.

Let’s try to change our frame with a few simple questions:

1-Where were you a year or a decade back?

(How much have you grown, not just professionally, but also as an individual?).

2- What are your priorities now?

(A few years back, your priorities differed from what they are now. Your priorities have changed for the better and so have your outlook. Aren’t you proud of yourself?)

3- What are the three things you are grateful for that have happened in the past year or a decade?

I know you feel you deserve much more than you have. Even then, what you have is still pretty ok. Always know that things could have been worse.

In moments when you feel low, always count your blessings. Because you have much more than you think, right from a fully functioning body, mind, and enough resources to take care of your needs. And in fact, to be able to breathe properly is a blessing too.

And always remember, you are doing pretty good!

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