You’re living your story – Part 1

You're living your story

Do you wonder if you’re living your story the way you always wanted to live? Here’s a roleplay story about a father and son uncovering the mysteries of life.

You are having lunch under a tree on a beautiful sunny day with your kid. As you take another bite, your kid asks out of nowhere, “Dad, what’s your story?”.

At this moment, you think about the stories that you always wanted to tell your kid. But you somewhere feel that all those moments aren’t as exciting now as they were back then. You realize that you’ve outgrown yourself since. Your perspective has changed over time, and so did your story.

Could it be that you were just living an ever-evolving story with no specific purpose but endless responsibilities? That wouldn’t be a great story to tell a kid who looks up to his father.

So what do you say?

“Son, I am living my story; it’s not done yet. I am not even sure if I am halfway through or near the end, but what I know is like all good and bad stories, this too shall end one day,”.

Your son blankly looks at you. On a pleasant afternoon like this, he was expecting a rather simple answer. So he drops another simple question, hoping to find meaning this time.

“So is it a good story?”

“What’s good and what’s bad? How do you decide? Isn’t it all a matter of perspective? “.

Son seems to be getting the groove of it.

“So how do I decide if  I am good or bad?” son asks.

It’s almost like you were waiting for someone to ask you this question. Those years of self-help books, readings, and introspection have made you wonder about the mysteries of this life, if not the world. You feel you have the answer, but you also feel that everyone’s answers may differ from the other.

“Reality is socially constructed, son. What you experience as your reality differs from the others.”

To be continued..

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Photo by Ron Lach from Pexels

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